How To Begin and Tips

How To Go Gluten-Free

Honestly, the best description of how to make the leap to gluten-free comes from the ultimate Gluten-Free Goddess, Karina Allrich. Take a look at her website, and enjoy her optimistic and sassy writing firsthand at

Help Celiac Kids Eat Away Healthfully:
  • Send Gluten-Free "Kits" with your kiddo to the classroom and at play dates. This could include a couple GF granola bars, GF cookies, GF crackers, GF pretzels, etc in a plastic container. I include a note that describes what your child can and cannot eat. Click here for a sample note.
  • I make sure that my child's school has gluten-free birthday cupcakes in the teacher's lounge freezer (6 fit nicely in a quart freezer bag). They're easily on-hand for last minute celebrations. My son loves to strut into the teachers lounge to get himself a treat when needed.
  • At school, my kiddo has "emergency lunches" in the school cafeteria shelf if the GF school lunch on the menu that day is changed, or if a lunchbox is forgotten. I made ours out of several shelf-stable items -- peanut butter to-go containers, snack-sized corn chips, applesauce containers, pickle containers, and cut fruit containers.
  • Gluten-free pizza can be sent to pizza parties. Amy's had several good GF and GF/DF frozen pizzas, or you could send a few slices your own. Udi's is a fabulous GF frozen crust, and Bob's Red Mill makes a wonderful Pizza Crust Mix.
Freezer Tips:
  • Invest in an extra garage freezer.
  • Invest in a vacuum sealer.
  • Make double-batches of soup and freeze ~4c in gallon freezer bags.
  • Make double-batches of muffins and cupcakes. Six fit nicely in a quart freezer bag. Suck the extra air from them and freeze for future snacks (don't try to vacuum seal muffins!)
  • Bake gluten-free pizza crusts (with or without toppings) and freeze them for a quick, impromptu pizza nights. It's even faster than delivery!
  • Meatloaf freezes really well. If you family likes this meal, freeze several extra loaves and thaw before baking.
  • Mashed potatoes are a favorite of our kids, and they freeze well. I use almond milk and Earth Balance spread for dairy/casein-free spuds.
  • Purchase extra loaves of bread and teff tortilla wraps to freeze.
  • Keep the heels of GF bread in a freezer bag in your freezer. Pulse slices in your food processor and use the bread crumbs for chicken fingers, in meatloaf, or for breaded fish sticks.

    Quality Foods:
    • Quality, organic, hormone-free food is essential for healthy eating. 
    • Consider purchasing a half beef or pig from a local ranch and splitting the order between two, three or four friends.
    • Grow a garden! There is nothing that nurtures the soul more than eating food you've grown yourself. Use your vacuum sealer or can to preserve the goodness year-round
    • Purchase a local CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) membership if you don't have room for a garden. Interested consumers purchase a share (aka a "membership" or a "subscription") and in return receive a box (bag, basket) of seasonal produce each week throughout the farming season.
    • When your garden explodes, make a vat of homemade spaghetti sauce to enjoy your garden goodness all year. Freeze sauce in 3-cup portions. To prepare, simmer 3 cups sauce with a pound of browned hamburger and a bag of cut spinach for a well-rounded meal.